It is no accident that annuities are now the mainstream foundation of retirement planning.  However, it is still no secret that bias and half-truths, are rampant in the financial industry.  For many years, annuities have been pushed aside by the investment industry, promoting diversification through a multitude of risk-oriented securities investments.

Annuities have come to the forefront, as an asset allocation of choice for securing retirements during these turbulent financial times. While there are numerous investment choices, based on many different factors, annuities have been the only answer’s to most of the following questions:

  • Will I ever run out of money, regardless of how long I live?
  • Will I ever run out of money if the economy is under?
  • Will I ever run out of money if I predecease my spouse?
  • Can I set up a self-directed pension that I control and own?
  • Can I protect my principal with no loss through a financial crisis?
  • Can I sustain my nest egg to keep up with or beat inflation?
  • Will I have safety and beat what banks offer, by earning higher interest?
  • Will I benefit during an up stock market and suffer no loss in a down stock market?
  • Can I keep my money growing tax-deferred?
  • Can I avoid probate and transfer any unused portion of my nest egg directly to my heirs?
  • Can I give my heirs a tax-advantaged or tax-free income stream for their retirement?

The answers to these questions, is why Annuity Vault built its foundation around annuities.  We will help you find the information about specific annuity products and guide you through the process of choosing the best-fit annuity product for your individual and family needs.

Income Planning

Managing your money in retirement can be far more complex than managing your money during your working years. We work towards eliminating those fears, by quantifying exactly how much capital is needed to deliver a guaranteed amount of income, for a guaranteed period of time for your retirement.  We strive to find you the highest, guaranteed, lifetime income check, so that you can feel safe and secure for your entire retirement life.

Insurance Needs From Babies to Baby Boomers

As we see young adults returning home to survive in an economy not always providing a means to live, so goes the opposite end of the spectrum with retirees living with substandard income. There are also options for providing life insurance as gift to your grandchildren where your son or daughter is the owner but their children will be insured. This helps as a lot of child plans don’t require medical underwriting and who knows what medical event can occur in their lifetime. How many children do you now hear of having Type 1 Diabetes or an autoimmune disease? There are all types of scenarios where you can tap into a policy’s cash value. As a retiree, the pension that suddenly was cut or amount reduced can be supplemented with a life insurance cash policy and may be tax free.

What will happen if your adult children are having to provide care for you?  Consider an annuity/insurance policy as a way to support an independent quality of living.

Fortunately, Teresa Craig has been on the “front lines” in the hospital as a Former Patient Care Coordinator, seeing families struggle with what to do with Mom or Dad or a loved one who needs homecare. Planning ahead is crucial in the “healthy years”.

 Its 5pm Friday and the case manager needs “patient discharged” but where is he or she going?  Can’t go home.  Nursing home is only going to be so many days paid depending on insurance plan (Medicare/supplement or Medicare Advantage)