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Knowledge is power, and it is critical when making some of the most important retirement or investment decisions. At Annuity Vault, we are here to help you with the complex and confusing world of annuities. We provide you with the most up-to-date information, and best rates in the business.

Our emphasis is on providing a fair, balanced and objective approach to structuring annuities as the foundation of your investment portfolio. Like all financial vehicles, annuities have pros and cons; often, what is not so advantageous for one retiree’s situation is a true advantage for another.

As an Annuity Vault visitor, you should gather information in the research and educational process concerning annuities to help you understand how they impact your overall retirement strategy. However, once you have researched annuities, it becomes necessary to work with an expert and licensed Annuity Advisor for your next level of understanding and implementation. You should expect that an expert advisor will always assist you in an objective way,which will help to balance your portfolio based on your unique retirement goals for income, growth, tax advantage, wealth transfer and safety.

Jeffrey Lane

Jeffrey laneJeffrey Lane is a Tampa, Florida based Advisor that has concentrated his practice in the Retirement Planning arena. Mr. Lane decided that working one portion of the financial planning world rather than trying to be all things to all people was the path to follow. Mr. Lane commented: ” We are more concerned about clients keeping the assets they have rather than chasing the market. We work with Guarantee’s and fixed products to give clients a clear picture of what their future income streams will look like. With ten-thousand people a day turning sixty-five, this area of financial planning is becoming more and more important. ” Mr. Lane is a 1984 Graduate of the University of Iowa Business School. He and his wife Sally have three children and have resided in Tampa, Florida since 1986

Teresa Craig

Teresa Craig is a Licensed Insurance Professional who believes in helping clients achieve a “Peace of Mind” through education/preparation in retirement planning. “I also have a passion to support women who may never have been exposed to being financial decision makers which can affect their income for life. As a former RN Home Health Director, I understand the need more than ever to plan for future financial and healthcare needs.” A 1980 Graduate from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science Degree and has lived in Palm Harbor, FL for 29 years. Teresa has 3 grown children living in Toronto Canada, Seoul South Korea and Chicago, IL.

Teresa Craig
Licensed Insurance Professional